Wind-Painted Sand

Wind-Painted Sand

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6 Responses to Wind-Painted Sand

  1. Geoff says:

    Ever shifting sand does create some wonderful looking patterns and shapes, great shot!

  2. Lowell says:

    Oh boy, I really like this! And “wind-painted sand” is a very descriptive title…you used some treatment here, right? I mean it really does have a painted effect and it’s quite effective!

    Re your comment on the horses: This is a mini-horse farm not far from where we live and people walk by on the street regularly. I’m afraid they sometimes feed the horses the wrong things and spook them. We have some strange people down this way! 🙂 Funny thing is the day I took the picture the horses were all in the barn!

    • Thanks, Lowell. I did. I saturated the colors and adjusted the contrast to accentuate the pattern. Too bad about people feeding the horses the wrong things and spooking them. 😦

  3. tapirgal says:

    This is spectacular. The water in front was unexpected and really finishes the image. I love the blown patterns on the beach here.

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