Astoria Sea Lions


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4 Responses to Astoria Sea Lions

  1. tapirgal says:

    I like your effect with the shadows, whatever it is. Also, nicely saturated. That sign is hilarious. An English teacher’s nightmare. As for super squirrel, I think we’ll just borrow a cape from Elvis.

  2. Lowell says:

    Bark, bark! So, where is this? And what does it mean “Sea lions on”? I’m confused. Oh, OK…they are on some kind of pier/wharf. So you shouldn’t snuggle your boat up to whatever it is. The sea lions might slap you silly with their rear ends (tails?) and knock you into the water and then bark, bark, bark.

    Was this taken in Astoria or did the Astoria sea lions escape to Long Beach?

    • You definitely shouldn’t snuggle your boat up to sea lions. They’ve been known to sink smaller boats on occasion. This was taken in Astoria. I can always count on you and Sheryl for entertaining comments. 🙂

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