March is Weird

ImageThe weather is very unpredictable this month. If it were a person, it would probably be on medication for a mood disorder. Today we had sunny, clear skies, then rain, then high wind, then calm, and then so much hail the ground was white for awhile. It seemed like something different would happen every ten to fifteen minutes. All day.

These two photos were taken less than twenty minutes apart. The colors have been saturated a bit, but the sky went from almost cloudless to completely overcast very, very quickly. And they say weather is boring!


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10 Responses to March is Weird

  1. Lowell says:

    Sounds a little like Florida. We have a saying here that if you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes ’cause it will change.

    I love, love, love that first shot. It is another postcard – so beautiful with great colors and light. The 2nd shot is rather scary. Amazing the change so quickly!

    Wishing you a great Friday!

  2. Halcyon says:

    March has been crazy here too. We got another few centimeters of snow yesterday and it’s not melting. :S
    Love that lighthouse. It looks great in any weather, although right now I am preferring the top shot. 🙂

  3. Jenny Valencourt says:

    It was the same here in Portland…so we layer our clothes, bring umbrellas and sunglasses, and enjoy the show! Your photographs continue to bring daily joy…thank you.

  4. …..and not forgetting Coventry….same here too :). Crazzzzy, for sure. Both are super shots and such a contrast. Fast moving clouds.

  5. raf says:

    It’s as if the equinox itself is reminding us that it is the balance between the two seasons.
    Excellent contrast shots!

  6. Thanks, everyone! Not only do I appreciate all the comments, I appreciate each of you as well. And I really enjoy all of your photos too!

  7. tapirgal says:

    I remember making a post on a day like this. I love your contrast of images!

  8. Hilda says:

    Oh wow. And I thought our weather was moody. Yours wins hands-down. Gorgeous photos, though!

  9. Thanks, Sheryl and Hilda!

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