Safe Harbor


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7 Responses to Safe Harbor

  1. raf says:

    Lovely image of the fishing fleet tucked into their berths in that great light and setting.
    It’s a splendid picture!
    Wonderful job of covering the peninsula, the Willapa and Pacific County with a keen photographer’s eye. I know those places pretty well and it has been a joy following your blog.

  2. Lowell says:

    You do have an eye for composition. This is just perfect. Of course, I love water and boats, but still…the colors are so nice. Looks almost like summer!

  3. Halcyon says:

    It’s those fantastic colors again. Please send some purples my way. 🙂

  4. Beautiful image with a wonderful balance.

  5. Thanks so much, everyone! I really appreciate all your wonderful comments!

  6. tapirgal says:

    I was really struck by this when I saw it on my phone the other morning. Forgot the words I was going to use, as the darn phone doesn’t let me comment. It’s outstanding.

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