World’s Longest Beach

World's Longest Beach

So, it’s not really the world’s longest beach. It’s only 28 miles long, compared to Brazil’s Praia do Cassino Beach which stretches for 150 miles. But it is apparently the world’s longest drivable beach, so that’s something.

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10 Responses to World’s Longest Beach

  1. tapirgal says:

    I’m running out of superlatives. This is stunningly gorgeous! I remember the arch, but not the road. I’ll have to look back through my old photos. Thanks for the info 🙂

  2. Lowell says:

    I’d drive it anyday…so beautiful, Amy. And love that entrance arch. We used to walk the boardwalk at Hollywood Beach in Hollywood, Florida, which is 7 miles long and I thought that was quite a distance. Your beach wins! 🙂

  3. raf says:

    Beautiful image!
    Had a surprise one morning on that road about sunrise when a black bear sauntered across the road and back into the dunes.

    • Thanks, Raf! Bear sightings are always exciting. I saw one in my backyard once and have been on the lookout for another one ever since…

    • tapirgal says:

      Wow! I know someone who encountered a bear in his yard, but it was farther from the beach. Not such a surprise, but it surprised him. I love living where the forest meets the sea.

      • Me too. I saw bear repellent at the Dennis Company yesterday which made me laugh. Only on the edge of the wilderness, right? I took a photo of it. I’ll have to post it one of these days.

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