Sunset at Beard’s Hollow

Sunset at Beard's Hollow

I can’t think of the name “Beard’s Hollow” without thinking of pirates, ghost ships, and buried treasure. There were no pirates or ghost ships there tonight, but I think the sunset counts as treasure.

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10 Responses to Sunset at Beard’s Hollow

  1. raf says:

    Marvelous image! Your absent pirates and that spectacular sunset remind of verse from John Masefield’s “Ballad of John Silver”

    Ah! the pig-tailed, quidding pirates and the pretty pranks we played,
    All have since been put a stop to by the naughty Board of Trade;
    The schooners and the merry crews are laid away to rest,
    A little south the sunset in the islands of the Blest.

  2. Looks just fabulous. Such deep colors.

  3. Lowell says:

    Magnifique! I think I can see a pirate ship out there somewhere. Were there actually pirates in your part of the world at one time? This is another stunning photograph. I’d think that if you have any touristy shops in your area you could sell some of these.

  4. Halcyon says:

    That is so fantastically beautiful! What fantastic colors!!!!

  5. tapirgal says:

    Wow. I am running out of words. Gorgeous deep colors!

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