Signs Along the Way

Signs Along the Way

A sampling of signs from here and across the river. They give new meaning to the term “wild west”. Clicking on the collage will enlarge it.

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10 Responses to Signs Along the Way

  1. tapirgal says:

    These are hysterical! You’ve found some of my favorites (bicycle and Fish Happens), and I had never seen the haircut sign. I’m feeling quite proud of Astoria!

  2. Halcyon says:

    Great assortment of signs! We need one of those bikes ones in Toronto. People have actually died while riding their bikes around the streetcar tracks. The wheels get stuck and they are thrown. So funny sign, but not funny consequences.

    • Yeah. Getting your front wheel stuck and going over is incredibly dangerous. I’m glad they have the warnings…and that they made them humorous because I think people pay more attention to funny stuff.

  3. Lowell says:

    Wow, you do live in a dangerous area…so many things to watch out for!

    This is a very creative and funny post. Great job on the collage. I like the cougar sign a log because we have a lot of cougars here in Florida, but they’re more the human female kind! 🙂
    Well, that’s what I’ve been told.

    • Hahaha!! Thanks, Lowell! I can imagine Florida would attract a lot of human female cougars. We don’t have any cabana boys here, so we don’t really have that species in this area.

  4. Lowell says:

    Ooops. I forgot to thank you for catching the kid peeing on that truck window. I didn’t even notice it!

    Have a great day!

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