Clamming at Benson Beach

Clamming at Benson Beach

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5 Responses to Clamming at Benson Beach

  1. Lowell says:

    You are so good at composition! Love this with the lighthouse on the huge rock. It is all so beautiful but the folks wearing jackets make me think the weather was a bit frosty!

    • Thanks, Lowell. It’s definitely on the chilly side here. It hovers around the mid-50’s this time of year; and since it’s damp, the chill can go right into the bone marrow if you’re not used to it. When I first moved here, I was convinced I’d never get warm. But I acclimated eventually, and now I love it.

  2. Halcyon says:

    The haze is just beautiful. Love the diffused light.

  3. tapirgal says:

    That really is nicely cropped. For some reason I’ve never been here.

  4. Thanks, Halcyon and Sheryl! Sheryl, it’s not that far away!

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