Return of the Frogmen

ImageTo me, this looks like a scene from a 1950’s Sci Fi movie where aliens are rising from the deep. Or maybe a WWII movie. Or maybe it’s just surfers at Waikiki Beach.


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8 Responses to Return of the Frogmen

  1. Halcyon says:

    I don’t imagine they’d be wearing full wetsuits at Waikiki beach. I’m cold!!! 🙂

  2. Lowell says:

    This is soooo cool! What a great shot and treatment. Certainly gives you the impression of things rising from the depths which you mostly likely want to avoid at all costs!

    Re your comment on Ocala: Y’all don’t like country music? Sheesh. A song I wrote, called “Too Good To Be Blue” was, in 1998, #1 on the European Independent Radio Charts and #10 on the Top 50…and it was old-timey country! 🙂

    • Thanks, as always, Lowell! And I really want to hear this song you wrote! I will add it to my very short list of country music I like: Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, the song “Friends in Low Places”, and “Too Good To Be Blue.”

  3. tapirgal says:

    Ha ha. I love your interpretation, I wouldn’t have thought of it. AND I like the second view with the surprising cloud at the top!

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