Fire Lizard


“Salamander” originates from the Greek for “fire lizard”. These sluggish little amphibians have a very interesting mythological history. I’ve always been fond of these creatures, but I like them even more now that I’ve started taking photos because they really know how to hold a pose. When it’s raining, they are fond of hanging out on the path to Bell’s Overlook at North Head.

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4 Responses to Fire Lizard

  1. tapirgal says:

    I also love these little guys. What a happy-looking salamander! It must be that big smile. I used to find them in California, and one time I found a whole nest of them, maybe 20 or 30. I thought I’d found a pot of gold 🙂

  2. Lowell says:

    Well, you certainly got up close and caught the fire in the eye! Terrific. Reminds me a bit of the wee geckos that inhabit this part of the world.

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