Clark Meets the Sturgeon

In 1805, William Clark found a sturgeon on the beach and wrote about it in his diary:

“I proceeded on the Sandy Coast 4 miles, and marked my name on a Small pine, the Day of the month & year, &c. and returned to the foot of the hill, from which place I intended to Strike across to The Bay, I saw a Sturgeon which had been thrown on Shore and left by the tide 10 feet in length, and Several joints of the back bone of a whale which must have foundered on this part of the Coast.”

This sculpture is on the Discovery Trail and was created by Jim Demetro.

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6 Responses to Clark Meets the Sturgeon

  1. Lowell says:

    Being an historian, I really enjoyed this post. Whatever else one can say about Mr. Lewis and Mr. Clark, you’ve got to admit they had great courage and perseverance!

  2. tapirgal says:

    I recognized your paramour, but am really more interested in the sturgeon. What an amazing piece of animal art someone had the good sense to create at The End of the World. Happy New Year, Amy! I hope you will keep me entertained and delighted with many more photos this year.

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