Dead Man’s Cove


This is Dead Man’s Cove at Cape Disappointment. I’m not sure where it got its name, other than the likely possibility that dead men have washed up on shore at some point in the cove’s history. Personally, I like to imagine swarthy, swashbuckling pirates hiding out, drinking rum, yo ho ho-ing, and counting doubloons. Since there may also be peg legs, parrots, and eye patches in my fantasy, I suspect this vision is fueled by one too many trips through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride when I was a kid. I loved that ride. Avast, me hearties! Yarr!


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8 Responses to Dead Man’s Cove

  1. Lowell says:

    Strangely, somewhere I’ve seen a photo much like this one but if I recall correctly, your photo is superior. It’s a super little hideout, a place I would have treasured as a kid. I had not seen that sign before, though…that was a treat.

    • Thanks, Lowell! It is a spot much-loved by photographers, so there are a ton of photos of it online. It really is a wonderful hideout. There used to be a stairway down to the cove, but they’ve closed the beach entirely now. I’m not sure why.

  2. Shannon says:

    Love the picture. I have to say yo-ho yo-ho a pirates life for me. I miss Disney.

  3. Halcyon says:

    I won’t go where the dead men are! 🙂

  4. tapirgal says:

    I loved that ride, and the cove. Too bad they destroyed the access. Nice post.

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