Waikiki Beach

This is Waikiki Beach at Cape Disappointment. It’s an odd name for a beach in the Pacific Northwest. The water is chilly year-round, the weather is wonderfully temperamental, and there’s nary a coconut tree in sight. So why the moniker? Turns out it’s named after a dead body. According to Columbia River Images, a Hawaiian sailor washed up here in 1811 after his ship wrecked. And that, as Paul Harvey would say, is the rest of the story…or at least part of it. It would be interesting to know who the sailor was.

Clicking on the image will enlarge it.

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7 Responses to Waikiki Beach

  1. Sheryl Todd says:

    Hi Amy,

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting. I forgot that I could simply reply to the post that came by email and send you a message. I’m not sure if this will go onto the blog or directly to you. Between working overly long hours and being sick, I haven’t been blogging or looking at blogs.

    You’ve been doing a beautiful job. I love your writing style as well as your photos. After the next week or so I make it back to it. Meanwhile, I’m enjoying your blog 🙂


    Sheryl Todd Tapir and Friends Animal Store Tapir Preservation Fund (503) 338-8646 http://www.tapirback.com

    • Hi Sheryl, I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope you’re on the road to recovery and feeling better soon. I’ve been missing your Astoria photos and wondered how you were doing. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this blog! Thank-you for all the encouragement. Sending get-well wishes your way….

  2. Sam L. says:

    I’m getting no photo here when I click on what’s supposed to give me one.

  3. Sam, I’m having some issues with disappearing photos here. I have no idea what’s happening. Two nights in a row now, I’ve had a single photo disappear. The blog entry and the comments remain, but the photo is gone. When I reload it, it’s fine. I’m going to look into it. If anyone has any suggestions as to how to prevent this from happening, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Lowell says:

    Well, it’s no wonder the place is called Cape Disappointment. I mean, really. Say you were looking for Waikiki and saw this place and got all google-eyed and then you found out you were in the Pacific Northwest instead of Hawaii. Wouldn’t you be really disappointed? But it’s still beautiful!

  5. Lowell says:

    Same problem, Amy…no photos for two days. I thought maybe you were just going with the links. I’ve got no idea. Computers do crazy things.

    • I don’t know if it’s my computer or the blog site, and I’m not techo-savvy enough to figure it out. So far no disappearing photos today though. Whew. Sorry to hear it’s been happening to you too.

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